Whats Happening in the Domain Industry

One of the newest trends in the domain industry is the use of top-level domains TDLs to promote businesses. A top-level domain is one that has an ending that reflects the industry. Soon .com and .net endings to domain names will seem ancient. New domains are already appearing in major industries.

.Country is Here

One of the latest news items involves the launch of a new top-level domain, .country. It opened to the public in September of 2014. The main promoter for the domain is none-other- than the queen of country music, Dolly Parton. She reserved the names dollyparton.country, dolly.country, queenof.country, 9to5.country and dollywood.country. Dolly truly understands that there is a major restructuring of the Internet taking place, so she has become a part of it.

Registry operator Minds Machines, along with Uni registry, is paving the way for a major restructuring of the Internets naming system. Since there are an estimated 100 million country music fans worldwide, the venture is expecting huge demand for the business. Other artists as well as the millions of fans are expected to gobble up names in the domain, quickly. A domain name runs about 25 per year.

Amazon and other big-name companies are also promoting top-level domains. It will not be long before we will all be adopting domain name endings that reflect who we are and what our business does.
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Dynadot Launchs Multiple TLDs

Dynadot, a leading provider of domain name services, is also helping expand the concept of using domain name endings that reflect who we are and what we are promoting. Currently, Dynadot offers Top-level domain names .ENGINEER, .SOCIAL, .DENTIST, and .REHAB. The benefits of these domain name endings is obvious. Dynadot rFree Website Builderealized that as this trend continues, dentists, engineers and others would want to promote their businesses with their domain names.

In January 2015, Dynadot will launch .GIVES, which will cater to charitable organizations. In January .FORSALE, which obviously caters to those looking to sell items online, will also be available. The domain names .BAND and .DEGREE are two more TLDs that will be available in January. Funeral directors will be able to use .RIP for their businesses in January. These TLDs simply offer relevant ways for businesses to improve their visibility online.

The tide has turned. Promoting online has become a lot easier with the long list of new top-level domains. Before long, we may see them for personal websites as well.